What you need to do with a new Android tablet

Android tablet already isn’t rare now. In fact, I have 3 Android tablet of different brands. There is no doubt that Android tablet is the most common tabler computer, because of the cheaper price but powerful function. Although iPad is very good, the advantage in price and multible brands make Android tablet more popular in the marketing.

However, what will you do when you have a new Android tablet? Some guides in the Android tablet will lead you set someting in the tablet initially, but some other setting need to be done before normal use. I would like to say something you care about:

You need to have a Google account

You can see a asking in initial setting about sign in or sign up Google account. Google account is very useful in Android OS, it not only allow you get Google service in Google Play, Google Map, etc, but also provide you data sync that means data backup service. As long as you have a Google account, and enble automatial sync in “Setting”, this feature will sync your Android tablet data to server, when you lose data in Android tablet, you can restore from Google account.

android tablet data recovery

Reduce Battery use in your Android tablet

Generally speaking, the battery use of Android tablet is bigger than Androi phone, expecially in screen. The bigger screen, more battery is run. So, the firstly thing to reduce battery use is set the brightness of srceen down. The brightness of Android tablet in 50% is enough in daily use. Morever, in some darker condition, you can slightly reduce less than 50%. This way can prolong the battery life, but also can protect your eyes.

Besides, a number of factors determine the battery life in Android tablet. Data trasfering, service working and apps running in background can have an effect on battery use. So when you don’t need to use WiFi, or something useless apps, just shut them down.

recover photos from android tablet



Get a file management app

Most of us make use of Android tablet for taking photos, wacthing videos, playing games other entertainment or office work. So there are a large number of files will be saved in the tablet. A file management app can help you manange your files in tablet easily. Some Android tablet have been install a file management app in defult, but if you think the defult one isn’t good for you, you can insall others in Google Play, such as ES files explorer. And, if you have rooted your tablet, I suggest you to intall Root explorer, which can manage system files in Android OS.

android tablet photos recovery

Make your Tablet safer

Security of Android tablet can be divided in two parts, one is based on the software, another is based on people.
As you know, Android is a opening-source OS, many malwares are easy to attack your devices. Especially, your devices have been rooted, they will expose more than unrooted devices in malware or programs. Therefore, you had better not intall a serurity app for your Android tablet to dectect malware.
On the other hand, you must not want other people use your tablet easily. Well, it is a private thing in some cases. You can set the password for your tablet in Setting, when someone want to use your gadget, they need to know a password. Or you can use some apps which enble a visitor mode for your tablet. In visitor mode, those visitors can’t see the things that have been set as private information.

Customzie your tablet

After doing the above things, you can make your tablet be like yours. Android OS allow users to customize in many options. Here you can download customized tool to your Android tablet. For example, you can install HD wigdets for lockscreen, or install the 3-party laucher for your tablet. Then your devices will be more beautiful.

restore android tablet data


So, these are my experience when I got a new Android tablet, but another important thing I want to remind, Android device including Android tablet is very easy to lose data, such as photos, videos, contact, etc. And if your tablet have phone feature, there must be contacts and messages. When the Google account didn’t backup your data, but you lose them, how can you recover data from Android tablet? Here, you had better have an Android data recovery software.

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