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How to recover deleted photos from Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Big Face also Has Big Problem about Deleted Photo Recovery

When it comes to the most popular Android smart phone series, there is no doubt that, you will say” It exacly is Samsung Galaxy! And which one is the biggest in this series? Of coure, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is fully deserve. With the 5.7 inch screen, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 become the big guy in Samsung Galaxy series, a big screen brings a diiferent experience for users, if you use the Note 3 watch videos or photos, the image will be more clear, the content diplayed will be more, and the most important is operation on the screen will be more comfortable.

However, even if Samsung Galaxy Note 3has a big screen and other excellent configuration, some unexpected situation will happen to the users. Accidental deletion is unavoidable, although the phone has a big face, and factory resetting, memory card is inaccessable, etc, which can cause important files loss from Samsung Galaxy Note 3. For example, photos lose from Samsung Galaxy note 3, and the we have to do Sasmung Galaxy Note 3 photo recovery.

Samsung galaxy note 3 deleted photo recovery

Why We Can Recover Deleted Photos from Samsung Galaxy Note 3

You may wonder that is it possible to recover deleted data from Samsung Galaxy Note 3? Deleted files will gone forever, right? Oh, man, get rid of this kind of inertial thinking! I can seriously tell you it is possible. Why? let me tell you the secret.

When a file is deleted from Samsung Galaxy Note 3(in fact, wherever the strorage media), it is not really deleted the file from the memory disk. It just mark a “deleted ” flag and make it out from from the file directory in the folder. Therefore, we can’t see it as usaul, but the real files still exist 100% intact at memory space. And the conclusion of the question is obvious, as long as the real file don’t be overwritten by new data, there is possbility to restore deteleted photos from Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

samsung galaxy data recovery

How to Do Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Photo Recovery

You may can see so many recovery tools for Samsung Galaxy phone, but have you ever thought that any free ways to get back lost photos, even if recovery program can help you. Here is some free ways that can help ypu try to recover data from Android phone:

1. Use Account, generally, a Android phone has Google service support, you can upload the phone data, including photos, to the server via Google account, when data loss happen, you can do a sync with the Google account, and what you lost will be back( backed up files). Besides, as a facebook fans, you must install some relative apps of Facebook, and those apps also supply a storage service, the clients can upload their data to there server or share them with friend, then it is one of the a good choice to get back lost data.

2. Moblile phone management software, this kind software can be divided into official and the 3rd. When you buy a new phone and connect it to computer in first time, it must remind you install the mobile phone mangement application on PC, for Samsung smart phone, PC suit is its official mamagent tool, you can download it form official website. This software not only can supply phone upgrading service, but also data backup feature, when you connect the phone to computer and launch the app, it will make a backup for your phone data automatically, so I think it is the best free way to recover lost data from Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Finally, the 3rd party Android management tool is similar to official PC software.

The free ways above work on the basis of having backup, if we do not have any backup for the photos, how can we recover deleted photo from Samsung Galaxy? Don’t panic!

Here, we ask Android Data Recovery program for help.

Android Data Recovery will be one of the best recovery tool for you to retrieve the Samsung Galaxy data in an easy way. For the Deleted, Damaged, or Corrupted data, this software help you get them back in step by step:

Step1. Download the Android Data Recovery and install it on your computer.

Step2. Connect your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to computer via USB cable or connect the SD card in the phone with card reader, and launch the Andoird Data Recovery application.

Step3. Click to choose the drive that means your Android phone and Select the option “Recover all photo files”.

Step4. After scanning, you can preview the files and Choose the ones you want to get back and click “Recover”.

Step5. “Save” all your recovered photos in the Android phone and you have finished Samsung Galaxy Note 2 lost data recovery.

Attention for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Photo Recovery

As you know the real file of deleted data is still in the memory space, which will be occupied when new data save to. So you need to rememer that do not use the phone any more when data loss happen, no taking photo, no launching apps, no saving new data to memory card!

Have luck! Cheer for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 photo Recovery!

How to Recover Deleted Photo from Samsung Galaxy Camera

The Common Case about Samsung Galaxy Camera Photo Recovery Can be Predicted

“I bought a Samsung Galaxy camera last week, this gadget is aswesome.However, because of unskillful handing, I accidently deleted some beatiful pictures whihc I like them very much. And I have no backup for those picture, I am wodering if there are some ways to recover deleted photo from Samsung Galaxy Camera, because this machine is very new and something different with other Androird device, Could you help me, bro? Be Thankful!

This is a E-mail that be sended to my box last Sunday, and it is the first time for me to meet this kind of situation. Samsung Galaxy camera, is a revolutionary product in recent month. What a funny digital camera run on Andoird OS and support Sim card insertion. That special design make the camera be like a big camera mobile phone. All in all, this cameta is good product for the photographers.

For the photo loss from Samsung Galaxy camera, in my opinion, it will be more and more conmmon as the widely use of the camera, and the question like above will be more and more.

Why it is Possible to Recover Photo from Samsung Galaxy Camera

From a camera standpoit, Samsung Galaxy camera run with Android OS, but from the Android device standpoint, it is a Android camera. A characteristic of mix seems to make Samsung Galaxy camera special. In fact, as long as it is an Android device or a camera, the data storage way is the same. For Samsung Galaxy camera, data can be stored in the internal memory and the external memory card, and most photos taken by the camera are saved in the memory card. So when we need to do Samsung Galaxy camera photo recovery, we just do memory card photo recovery.

Besides, as is known to all, when we deleted data from a storage meida, it doesn’t mean wiping data from the memory space. When deletion happen, the system will mark a “blank” flag to the space where the deleted data save in, if new data save to the memory card, it will occupy the space and overwrite the real file of deleted data. Therefore, as long as the deleted file isn’t overwritten by new data, it is possible to get back lost photo from Samsung Galaxy Camera. And we should remember that: Do NOT use the camera after photo loss.
samsung galaxy camera photo recovery

How to Perform Samsung Galaxy Camera Photo Recovery

If you have backup files in camera or the support server, you exactly can recover deleted photo via apps. However, if you don’t have any backup, how can you do recovery?

Samsung Galaxy camera photo recovery tool
Android Data Recovery-if you lose photos from Samsung Galaxy camera and the mostly digital photos are gone, then you probably need this software. Not only deleted photos, the software can also recover deleted formatted pictures or inaccessible due to memory card error in Samsung Galaxy Camera. the function of preview in the tool makes you to view the thumbnails before you retrieve. It supports almost all brands of android device, such as Samsung, Sony, HTC,Motolora etc.You can learn more from here:http://www.card-data-recovery.com/android-data-recovery.html

Tips for Sasmung Galaxy Camera Photo Backup

Since Photo loss from Samsung Galaxy Camera is unavoidable, so we should know how to make backup photos in the Samsung Galaxy Camera.The following are some way for Samsung Galaxy camera photo backup.

AS an Android device, it is better for user to use Android data backup way:

1.Users can use the google account or sync function to upload the phone data to the server, if data loss happen, you can recover them through the account.

2.Official PC management software, generally, every phone manufacturer supply the users a PC software which is used to manage phone on computer or upgrade the phone, this software has the backup feature as well, especial for contacts and sms, we can make good use of them.

3.The 3rd Android Assistant, with the widely use of Android phone, some developers release some Android assistant program which are convenient to users, those softwares are like official PC management tool, even more powerful, they can support to backup apps’data, photos, music,etc.So it is a good choice to use those 3rd software.