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Card Data Recovery-Recover SD Card Data on Windows

It is impossible to recover SD card data on Windows-That’s wrong

Some people think there is no possibility to recover deleted data from memory card on Windows OS, because, SD Card don’t have a recycle bin, even if SD card deletion doing on Windows computer, if we empty the recycle bin, we can’t get deleted data back. Is this idea right? What we deleted from SD card will be gone forever?

The fact is, they are wrong, it is possible to recover deleted data from SD card on Windows.

Why-The Principle of Card Data Recovery on Windows

When we do deletion or formatting on SD card or Windows system, the order of deletion or formatting don’t mean wiping data from SD card (equipped with other storage media). Technically speaking, when deletion or formatting happen, the file system just mark “deleted” or “formatted” flag to the files so as to make the data invisible and make room for new data, thus until new data save to the space where the original data saved in before, the deleted or formatted files are still in the memory space.

Based on this principle, we can know that if we keep using the SD card or save more files to it, the new files may overwrite the space where the precious deleted files located. Once overwritten, there is no hope to recover SD card data on Windows.

card data recovery on windows

How-Solution to Recover Data from SD card on Window

Here, the people who held the view that impossibility for data recovery on windows may believe that the solution for SD card data recovery on Windows is asking data recovery service for help, which will cost a lot of money. But thing is more simple than what they are thinking.

Firstly, you just prepare a computer running Windows system, the SD card which lost data and the device that SD card work on (a good card-reader is accepted)

Secondly, also the most important, an efficient and easy to use card data recovery for Windows

Card Data Recovery for Windows is an excellent utility to recover lost data from various memory cards. This tool can help you recover deleted data from SD card on Windows by its professional algorithm and easy operation. Besides, it can run on Window 2000/vista/Xp/7/8, its powerful support can satisfy you.

Step for SD Card Data Recovery on Windows

Only 3 steps, Card Data Recovery can get back what you lost from SD card.

Step 1: Connect SD card to your computer. You can connect the device that SD card work on to computer to make it be read, or you can use a card reader, this way is much safer and stable.

Step 2: Download and follow the instructions to install Card Data Recovery to your Windows PC.

Step 3: Follow the guides of the application( only few clicks), finish Card Data Recovery on Windows.