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Only 5 steps for Samsung Galaxy Photos Recovery

Situations of Samsung Galaxy Phone Photos Recovery

What is the most popular Android mobile phone brand in 2012? You can see so many people in the street dail, take photos, enjoy music, play games, surf the Internet with a Samsung Galaxy S3. It proves that Samsung is one of the most popular Smart mobile phone, which have the big market share. However, you can see the following similar questions in the Internet:

Is there any way to recover my Samsung Galaxy S3 recent downloads or deleted pictures ?

Can I get deleted photos and videos back from my Galaxy Note 2?

I deleted by mistake a important photo I had taken on my Samsung i9100 How can I recover Samsung phone photo?

OK,Can we recover photos from Samsung Galaxy phone? How can we do it?

recover photos from samsung galaxy phone

What Should We Prepare to Recover Samsung Galaxy Phone Photos

Firstly, Stop using the Samsung Galaxy phones.
Don’t save any new data to the phone, because the original data will be overwritten,and the photos you want to recover will disappear forever.

Secondly, Find a good recovery software.
It Is better to use a recovery software to recover Samsung Galaxy phone photo.And there are so many recovery software that we may be hard to choose, Now I recommand two of them:

Choice one:Recuva
Recuva is a data recovery program without paying, however, there is no free lunch in this world. I tried to use this program to recover photos from my Samsung Galaxy Note 2, It just recvoered about 60% photos. If you don’t wanna spend to it, you can choose it, but I can’t guarantee all the photos will be restored.

Choice Two:Tenorshare Data Recovery
Tenorshare Photo Recovery is an easy-to-use but effective data recovery software, which can help you to recover photos,images,document,etc have been formatted, deleted from Samsung Galaxy phone. you can learn more here: http://www.any-data-recovery.com/product/photo-recovery.htm. Even if it cost me some, it is worthy. With the help of the Tenorshare Data Recovery, I retrieved all the photos from Note 2.

Steps to Restore Samsung Galaxy Phone Photos

Step1. Download the Tenorshare data recovery from here and install it on your computer

Step2. Connect your Samsung galaxy phone to computer via USB cable or connect the SD card in the phone with card reader, and launch the Tenorshare data recovery application.

Step3. Click to choose the drive that means your Samsung galaxy phone and Select the option “Photo Recovery”.

Step4. After scaning, you can preview the files and Choose the ones you want to get back and click “Recover”.

Step5. “Save” all your recovered photos in the Samsung galaxy phone and you have finished Samsung galaxy photos recovery.

Tenorshare Data Recovery can recover data from all serious of Samsung Galaxy phone such as Samsung Galaxy S1, S2, S3, Note 2, etc, or other brand Android phone.

Android File Recovery-This Is Certainly To Suit Your Needs!

Along with Christmas 2012 is closer and closer, people become excited and busy in doing the preparation for this huge festival. You may buy some stunning christmas costumes for cosplay party, and come up some great Christmas decoration ideas. Even fight for the Christmas shopping in Christmas season. It is great and busy time. Among all the preparation, I believe that Christmas gift is the most important one. Have you any ideas about how to have unique Christmas gift this year? Some people choose mobile phone,most people linke iphone, and a part of people, like me, more prefer Android phone,like Samsung Galaxy S3, blackberry,HTC etc are excellent phone! However, today I do not want to tell how great the android phone it is, I want to tell a problem most concerned by android mobile phone user,that’s when deleted or format the android phone’s files by mistake, and want to get data back, what can we do?

Well, it takes place commonly to Android phone users to encounter data loss particularly when you regards your Android phone to be a digital camera or even a memory storage device regarding green communication tool to generate a telephone call or send texts. Therefore, it is necessary to learn android phone recovery knowledge.

Loss android data due to :
* Have a phone reset or restore and everything gone.
* Music files missing in data transferring between your Android phone and PC or Mac machine.
* Formatted the removable media memory card (SD, CF, memory stick etc) equipped within the phone.
* Unable to read images, videos or music files in the gallery due to memory card error.
* When connecting Android phone (memory card) to PC, it says “the card is not formatted, would you like to format it now?”
* Accidentally press “delete” button on the phone and erased some photos or videos just taken with camera function.

How to recover data from android phone?
When users inadvertently format the memory card of android phone’s, they can use the Tenorshare Data Recovery software to perform android file recovery .This tool that work well on both PC & Mac, capable of recover images, videos and music files deleted, formatted or lost through your Android based phone. The file formats supported range from photo formats includes JPEG, PNG, GIF TIF, TIFF etc to video and audio formats like MP3, MP4, AVI, WMV, FLV, MOV, WAV and much more.

Simple steps to recover android files with android data recovery software
Step 1. Download a Tenorshare Data Recovery from the internet and install on your computer.
Step 2. Connect your android phone with the computer. Open the installed software.
Step 3. Select the way you need to recover datas, ” Deleted Recovery” or ” Format Recovery” .
Step 4. Scan you android phone, then choose the datas you need, click “Recover”.

In order to celebrate Christmas, Tenorshare company conduct 70% off privilege. Ah, it is also a nice Christmas gift !

Though Android phone is very hot nowadays, still most people would like iPhone. If you are iPhone users and lost iPhone data, check out “iPhone photo recovery” to get back lost photos and check out “recover deleted contacts from iPhone” to retrieve contacts with ease

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