Tips and tricks-How to take nice photo with Samsung Galaxy Phone, and Samsung Galaxy Photo Recovery

A Smart-Phone also is a Camera

With the development of technology, the use of mobile phone is not only dialing a phone, sending a message, in the digital era, a mobile phone becomes a multi-media portable terminal. The functions of music player, game player, computer, digital camera, etc have been mixed into a mobile phone. Thus, so called music mobile phone, game mobile, camera mobile burst out in the market. The most popular of them may be camera phone, and so many manufacturers equip their products with powerful camera function. Here, I want take Samsung Galaxy phone as an example, and introduce some tips and skills in how to take a good photos with a mobile phone which has a good ability of photography.

Summary of Samsung Galaxy Phone’s Camera Configuration

Generally, as the flag-ship level of Samsung Android smart-phone, most of Samsung Galaxy phone have excellent configuration: 5Mp-8MP CMOS sensor in hardware and other supporting setting in software. All the high-techs make this series of phone become the top 3 spec beast in phone camera around the world so far. For example, Samsung Galaxy S3, has 8MP backside-illuminated CMOS sensor with ƒ2.6 aperture size, which enable it to take a HD photos. The pixel is up to 800pix and it will be higher in Samsung Galaxy S4.

OK, after knowing the configuration roughly, now let’s learn more about how to take a nice photo with Samsung Galaxy phone.

Tips and Tricks for Samsung Galaxy Phone

1.White Balance

White balance settings will directly affect the color and color temperature of the screen , so we can set the white balance according to the specific environment of the photos in order to achieve a realistic color reproduction (Of course, in order to save us can directly select the automatic white balance.

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2. Selection of Shooting Mode

As the fans of photography friends known , there are two important parameters will greatly affect the quality of the picture, that is the camera’s aperture and shutter speed .

In fact, in the camera mode of Samsung Galaxy phone, we can see that the “landscape”, “movement” and “Night” mode options, etc. and these options are aperture value and shutter speed have been set by manufacturer under different scenarios. Such as night mode, the manufacturer has set to certainly slow down the shutter speed or reduce aperture value. In this way, we can make good use of the different scenarios to improve the effect of camera.

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3. Selection of Metering

We often hear from fans said taking pictures with mobile phone is trouble. They always meet the situation that exposure of the photo is not enough or over especially when the large difference of the light is big. What a pity, right? Actually, we can see from the following picture that there are three optional exposure mode, and how to choose? In my opinion, if the light contrast between background and target scene is smaller, we can choose to “spot metering”, and if taking in macro or for a single object features, we can choose “Centre-weighted”, and if the depth of scene is big, such as a landscape, then we will choose “matrix”. In the view of the fact that there is no a camera phones with full manual mode in the world, so it is quite effective for us to timely choose good metering mode to construct the liner light’s contrast. Besides, Samsung Galaxy phone can take the full scene photo, it is good choice to select “matrix” mode to reduce the different pictures of light and shade caused by light differences when camera moves.

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4. Flash

Due to the influence of light, we just have to use flash to light in different environment. But the flash has effective distance. So we will timely choose the timing to open it. Taking photo at night need it indeed, but mobile phone flash can work within 2-3 meters, so we’ll have to shoot something nearly. In addition, under the condition of light or the backlight, shooting close objects with flash almost can record physical body details but without loss of background.

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It is worth mentioning that, flash opening is bound to affect the white balance, so how to make the picture color is not distortion in the case of flash opening? It is need to shoot more and compare frequently.

There are more tips and tricks in taking photo with Samsung Galaxy phone, most of them need to be found and accumulated when you take photos. And you can watch the video about how to take nice picture with Samsung Galaxy S3 if you are interested. (Click here:

Another Importance-Samsung Galaxy Photos Recovery

Accident happens everywhere. If the beautiful photos you taken lose accidently, such as mistakenly deleted, device error, or SD card in the phone is corrupted an so on. I think we will be sad and hope to recover photo from Samsung Galaxy phone by some ways.

In fact, as long as we do not take photo and save any new data to the SD card after photos loss, it is possible to do Samsung Galaxy photos recovery.

Card Data Recovery-if you loss photo from Samsung Galaxy phone, then you probably need this software. Not only lost photos, the software can also recover deleted formatted pictures or inaccessible due to memory card error in Android phone. The function of preview in the tool makes you to view the thumbnails before you retrieve. It supports almost all brands of Android phone including Samsung Galaxy series. You can know more here:

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