How to recover lost data after Windows OS restore

Realize you lost data after Windows computer OS restore?

It is very easy and common to lost personal data when you reinstall Windows OS to your compueter. Especially, Windows 10 which was just released not long ago will attract many users to upgrade their computer to have more advanced features. So, sometimes you may have to recover lost data after Windows 10/8/7 OS restore, if you even don’t have backup for your own personal data.

What you need to do for Windows 10/8/7 lost data recovery after system restore

Generally, we need to back up our personal files including photos, videos, documents,or other files. If this data was in desktop or Drive C, you need to transfer to to other partittion. And if you need to re-patition the computer drive, you had better to export data to external storage device.

If you realize you have lost data after system restoring, and there is no backup can help you get back them, you had better do as less as possible on your computer. Lost data may just be invisible, file system won’t removed them immediately after system reinstalling. More operation will make more data writting, which will overwrite old, useless data tagged by files system. What if the invisible data have been overwritten, you have no way to do Windows OS data recovery.

recover lost data after windows restore


Tell you how to recover lost Windows computer data after system restore

To get back lost data from Windows computer after reinstalling system, you can use proessional data recovery program.

Any Data Recovery Pro supports recover hard disk and other removable media, such as external hard drive, USB drive, flash drive, floppy drive, memory card, CF card, etc. Not only Windows 7/8/10 file system (FAT12/16/32, NTFS), but also Mac (HFS+, HFS) and Linux file system (EXT2, EXT3, EXT4) are completely found back.

Finally, you just use 3 steps to restore lost data from Windows computer:

Step 1: Select file types for recovery

Step 2: Select a location or hard disk drive to scan lost files

Step 3: Preview files by Path, File or Time and recover lost files

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