Notification for Memory Card Photo Recovery

A research shows that, about 40% of users the photo file saved by them, if photo loss from memory card, hard drive and so on, they will feel nervous and need some solutions to recover lost photos. So we can learn that photo recovery is so common in our daily life. However, it is necessary for us to pay attention to something important when we do photo recovery. In this article, I list several notifications for memory card photo recovery.

memory card photos recovery

Before Memory Card Photo Recovery

1. Don’t save new data to the storage media which lost photo

When you know photo loss from memory card or the device which the memory card work on, you had better to stop using the card or the device, no new data saving or writing, because the lost photo will be overwritten.
You may wonder that, the lost has gone from the memory card, why they will be overwritten? Well, in fact, the real file of the lost photo is still in the memory space of card. When we delete or format data in memory card, they won’t be wiped from the space at once, the system just mark a “blank” flag to the space where deleted or formatted data save in, until new data save to the card, they will occupy the “blank” space, and the original file will be overwritten. Once the real file is overwritten, there is no chance for you to recover photos from memory card.

2. No formatting

When the memory card can’t be read by device or computer, most users hold the point that, formatting can solve this problem, and in some time, formatting is just like a panacea for them to deal with storage problem. That’s wrong! If memory card error happen and cause data loss, formatting just can damage the data in the memory card, if you do formatting before photo recovery, some photo will be unable to recover.

When You Recover Photo from Memory Card

If you have prepared well for memory card lost photo recovery, you need to choose an efficient photo recovery tool to help you restore lost photo from memory card.
There are so many recovery softwares on the Internet, and some factors need to be considered by us when we choose a recovery tool:

*How many formats of photo it can recover?
*Can it work on the latest computer system?
*Is the speed of recovery fast?
*Does the program provide you to preview the photo?
*Can it recover photo with the original format and size?
Based on these factors, I think the following recovery program is a good choice for you to recover data from memory card:

Tenorshare Photo Recovery
- if your memory card is corrupted and the mostly digital photos are gone then you probably need this software. Not only corrupted photos, the software can also recover deleted formatted pictures or inaccessible due to memory card error. The function of preview in the tool makes you to view the thumbnails before you retrieve. It supports almost all memory card types including compact flash card, SD card (SDHC), CF card, memory stick, MMC card etc, and can work on latest Windows system and Mac, OS You can learn more from here:

recover photo from memory card

After Photo Recovery

Nobody want to suffer from accident again, therefore, we ought to form the habit of backup for photos. We should make backing up into a habit in our daily, although memory card photo recovery can rescue our photos in emergency, but recovery tool won’t guarantee that it can recover 100% of data, so backup for data is the best protection for photo.

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