How to recover lost data from hard drive after formatting free

Yesterday, I want to move a file to my hard drive, but I formatted hard drive by accident. I was worried. I wanted to get them back. This is main reason why I write down this post. I don’t think I am the only one who loses data from hard drive. So I will share what I did after I formatted the hard drive.

lost hard drive data

Why you lost data from hard drive

  • Delete by accident
  • Attacked by virus
  • Format the hard drive accidently, just like me.
  • Your hard drive is damaged

How to recover lost data from hard drive free

After you lost, a piece of data recovery software is realistic. Tenorshare Free Any Data Recovery is a free and pro tool for data recovery. It allows you to recover data whatever you delete files or format the hard drive. It supports 550+ formats of files recovery like documents, photos, videos and music from hard drive, USB flash drive, memory card, mobile phone, camera, external hard drive and etc. I have used this program. It is easy to use and powerful to recover lost data. Let’s see the detailed.
Tips: You should not import any files to the hard drive once you lost files
Step 1: Download Tenorshare Free Any Data Recovery and install it on your computer: It has Mac and Windows version. You can choose one.
Step 2: Select Files Types
Before you start recovering, you need to choose the files types that you want. In general, All files types are selected. You can tick Graphics, Audio, Document, Video, Email and etc.

seled files type
Step 2: Choose the partition
You need to choose the partition where your lost data are. If it is in C, just choose C. Then you can click Scan to go on.

select locationStep 3: Preview and Tick files
All lost data will be listed after you scan, and are classified by Videos, Documents, Graphics. Preview and tick them. Click the “Recover” button to start.

preview with quick scanNote: If the files have been scanned, you can Pause the process and choose them. In addition, “Deep Scan” on the lower left quarter can help you find more lost data.

Step 4: Save the recovered files
You can click the “Broswer” button to choose a output folder to store the recovered files. It is better not to save the files to the partition where your deleted data located.
save filesIn addition, you can save the scan status, then you can recover data next time. You just click the resume  recover button  at right-top-corner of the screen.


This is the whole process how to recover lost hard drive data. If you lost data, just do as this post said. If this freeware can’t help you, maybe you can try Tenorshare Any Data Recovery Pro .

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