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How to recover lost data after Windows OS restore

Realize you lost data after Windows computer OS restore?

It is very easy and common to lost personal data when you reinstall Windows OS to your compueter. Especially, Windows 10 which was just released not long ago will attract many users to upgrade their computer to have more advanced features. So, sometimes you may have to recover lost data after Windows 10/8/7 OS restore, if you even don’t have backup for your own personal data.

What you need to do for Windows 10/8/7 lost data recovery after system restore

Generally, we need to back up our personal files including photos, videos, documents,or other files. If this data was in desktop or Drive C, you need to transfer to to other partittion. And if you need to re-patition the computer drive, you had better to export data to external storage device.

If you realize you have lost data after system restoring, and there is no backup can help you get back them, you had better do as less as possible on your computer. Lost data may just be invisible, file system won’t removed them immediately after system reinstalling. More operation will make more data writting, which will overwrite old, useless data tagged by files system. What if the invisible data have been overwritten, you have no way to do Windows OS data recovery.

recover lost data after windows restore


Tell you how to recover lost Windows computer data after system restore

To get back lost data from Windows computer after reinstalling system, you can use proessional data recovery program.

Any Data Recovery Pro supports recover hard disk and other removable media, such as external hard drive, USB drive, flash drive, floppy drive, memory card, CF card, etc. Not only Windows 7/8/10 file system (FAT12/16/32, NTFS), but also Mac (HFS+, HFS) and Linux file system (EXT2, EXT3, EXT4) are completely found back.

Finally, you just use 3 steps to restore lost data from Windows computer:

Step 1: Select file types for recovery

Step 2: Select a location or hard disk drive to scan lost files

Step 3: Preview files by Path, File or Time and recover lost files

How to recover deleted files on your computer hard drive

It is so common that you delete file from your computer and realize that you need get deleted files back later. Actually, there are some ways to recover deleted files form computer hard drive.

For Cloud drive data or data that have been backed up

Firstly, I would like to talk about those computer hard drive data which is easier to be recovered. Cloud drive service have not been a strange thing for most of us. For example, Google Drive, Microsoft-drive,Dropbox,etc can allow user to sycn computer personal data to cloud server for data storage. If you want to resotre files which have been deleted from computer hard drive, you can download them back from cloud drive.Although, you have deleted those files in cloud drive, you can find a features likes recylcle bin in cloud drive. Of course, you need to check that whether you have enabled the automatical sync feature in your computer and cloud drive program. In some new OS such as Windows 7 to Windows 8.1, data sync and file history features are standard.

Really deleted

I think many users don’t realize cloud drive is so good for data backup, and most of them don’t have the habit to back up computer data regularly. So, you accidetally deleted files from your computer and recycle bin has nothing? How can you do something helpfule for compyter hard drive lost files recovery?

Well! After lossing data, you may search lost files in your computer, even you give up to do anything for data recovery. In fact, deleting in computer isn’t mean permanently deleting. File system in computer give you a chance to recover deleted files even you can’t see anything recycle bin. However, those invisible and deleted files will be overwritten by new data. So if you keep operating on compute after you deleted files, the possibility for restoring lost computer files will be smaller.

recover deleted files from hard drive

How to find out and get back deleted files from computer hard drive

To find out and recover deleted data from hard drive, you need to use a kind of tool that can make invisible deleted files can showed as normal files. Here is an useful example:

Tenorshare Any Data Recovery Pro can help. It is a safe and effective solution for recovering deleted, formatted photos, videos, audios and documents and recovering files from formatted, corrupted, or resized partition. It can recover lost files from any media storage like computer’s hard drive, USB flash drive, camera, mobile phone, MP3&MP4 player, and etc.

Step 1: you just download and install this program to your computer.

Step 2: And then choose the drive partition and files types to scan.

Step 3: Finally, you just choose what you want to recover.

Windows 8.1 Tech-how to recover data from Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 has been come out a while, many users have updated their Windows computer. You many so excited for the more woderful and powerful features in Windows 8.1.

However, because of the Windows 8.1 OS have not been pefert, some bug in the OS may cause crash to your computer, or due to the unskillful operation for Windows 8.1, data loss from Windows 8.1 have happened to users frequently. It is necessary to know how to recover files from Windows 8.1

When you need to recover files from Windows 8.1

*Accidentally deleted the files that is needed, and recycle bin is empty.

*No backup in “file history

*Hard drive formatting

*System corruption cause re-installing

* other erro in Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 data recovery


What you need to do before Windows 8.1 data recovery

No matter what kinds of data recovery, the first step is using the device as less as possible, which can prevent data overwritting. At the same time, if your Windows 8.1 computer still can run, it is better for you to clean some useless files to save space of hard drive.

And the you need to find a good data recovery software that can run on Windows 8.1 to help you resotre lost data from Windows 8.1.

Nice tool for Windows data ecovery

Tenorshare Data Recovery(standard or profession version) is a effective recovery program which can recover deleted, formatted, or lost documents, photos, videos, music and etc. from hard drive, USB flash drive, memory card, mobile phone, camera, external hard drive etc on Windows 8.1/8/7. Besides, this prgram is able to recover more than 550 types of files.

1.Download Tenorshare Data Recovery from here:, and install to your Windows 7 computer.

2.Lanuch the program and “Deleted Recovery” is the default mode, so select the partition and then click “Scan” to start scanning.

3.After scanning, the files are listed by file type and folder structure. Switch to one view mode as you like. Preview photos and music files in original quality before recovery. And then select the files you would like to recover, and then click “Recover” to start recovery.

4.Select a path for the recovered files, Click “OK” to complete Windows 8.1 data recovery.

Quickly way for Deleted Files Recovery on Windows and Mac Computer

Recovery for deleted files on computer

“Oh shit! I accidentally deleted this photo of my favourite!” I think we ever yelled as it. Deletion in accident is very commom in Windows or Mac OS computer.they may result from the careless operation or other unexpected reasons. If we want to recover files from computer, how can we do that?

Take it easy! No matter the Windows computer or Mac computer, there is hope for deleted data recovery.


deleted file recovery from windows and mac computer

How is it possible to recover Deleted ifles from Windows And Mac computer

Have those deleted files been lost from computer, how and why they can be recovered? You must have this question in your mind when you heard I said that it is possible to recovery deleted data from Windows and Mac computer. Be paitient, I will tell you why.

Well, whatever Windows OS or Mac OS computer, deleted files are still recoverable is because when we deletes files from the recycling Bin or trash, it doesn’t actually permanently delete them. What happens is that it just marks the files for deletion and makes note that the space occupied by the file is now listed as available space for storing new information. So Until something new is written to the part of the drive where that old file was stored, your file is still there.

Other storage media is the same, so you are able to recover data from memory card, hard drive, etc as well!

How to do Windows and Mac computer deleted files recovery

AS we know why we can get back lost data from computer, and now how can we achieve it? Here, we need to ask help for some tool, the compuer didn’t have the feture of recovery files.

Card Data recovery-Card Data Recovery is the top-ranking card data recovery tool to help Windows and Mac users recover lost data from various memory cards, mobile phones, digital cameras, USB drives, MP4 and other storage devices. You can know more in its sites.

Windows version:
Mac version:

Finally, you just follow the guide of the app, you can recover deleted files from computer hard drive!

Two Effectve Solution for Hard Drive Lost Data Recovery

Searching for solutions of Hard Drive Lost Data Recovery

Hey! I think you won’t be strage for data loss from hard drive. When you clean some no good photos in your computer, but you mistakenly select the one you don’t want to delete. Oh, shit! How can you do? Want to recover deleted photos from hard drive?

Hard Drive Data Loss reasons

As is known to all, hard drive is a main storage media now. However, with the widely use of hard drive, especial external or portable harive is widespread, data loss always happen. There are many reasons for hard drive data loss:

* Accidental Deletion
* Data formatting
* Hard drive crashed
* virus attack
* Wrong operation for external or portable hard drive, such as unplugging when data transfering.

No matter what reasons cause data loss from hard drive, unless you have backup or your hard drive have recovery feature, you can’t recover lost data from hard drive by youself!

recover deleted data from hard drive

Solutions to Recover data from Any Hard Drive

The first way to get back lost data in your mind may asking professional recovery company for help, but you know, they are expensive. If your lost data is very very very important and valuable, I think it is not worthy to spend those money.

Indeed, with the help of some recovery softwares, even if we accidently deleted photos from hard drive, we can do hard drive deleted photos recovery
by ourselves. Here, I want to share two good recovery sofware for you:

One: Card Data Recovery
Card Data Recovery is a multiple data recovery program that allows deeply scan of the deleted, lost or formatted data with signature algorithm and retrieve them immediately. It supports every brands of hard drive including Seagate, Western Digltal, Samsung, Hitachi,MAxtor, etc. Yon can know more information here:

Two: Tenorshare Photo Recovery

Tenorshare Photo Recovery is a simple but effective data recovery software, which can help you to recover photos,images,document,etc have been formatted, deleted from hard drive. you can learn more here:

Useful Tips for Western Digital Hard Drive Data Recovery

Most of users of Western Digital hard drive must ever face the trouble of data loss. Sometimes, it is necessary to format the drive or create a new partition. however, some people would format mistakenly or delete data carelessly without backup, even, virus attack, power off suddenly or drive corruption, etc. can also make you lost data from Western Digital hard drive.

Nobody want to cost a lot to do a recovery,and the operation of recovery must be easy. Thus,data recovery software is the best choice for Western Digital hard drive data recovery.

Common Western Digital External Hard Drive Data Loss Situation in Daily Life

1. Deleted important files while connect it to PC,
2. Mistakenly formatted WD passport essential without backup,
3. Eject or powerful off WD drive improperly to cause corruption of it,
4. Error message like “the disk in drive is not formatted, do you want to format it now?” occurs,
5. Partition lost from WD passport essential or some partition errors.


western dirital hard drive data recovery

Preparations to Recover Data from Westernal Digital Hard Drive

First of all, you have to remember: Do not save any data to the Hard Drive and transfer in and out, because the space where the original data stored may be overwiritten.

Secondly,you need to find a efficient recovery program, which can help you restore files from hard drive. when I helped my friend to recover My Passport hard drive photos, I found some good recovery software,now, I introduce two of them.

Option one: Recuva
Recuva is a data recovery program without paying, however, there is no free lunch in this world. I tried to use this program to recover photos from my friend’s hard drive, It just recvoered about 60% photos. If you don’t wanna spend to it, you can choose it, but I can’t guarantee all the data will be restored.

option two:Card Data Recovery

Card Data Recovery is an simple but effective data recovery software, which can help you to recover photos,images,document,etc have been formatted, deleted from hard drive. you can learn more here:”. Even if I need to pay some money for it, it is worthy. With the help of the Card Data Recovery, I completed Western Digital My Passport hard drive data recovery.

Do Western Digital Hard Drive Lost Data Recovery Step by Step

Step1. Download the Card data recovery and install it on your PC ( the software have Windows version and Mac version).

Step2. Connect the external hard drive to computer with corresponding USB cable and launch the Card data recovery application.

Step3. Click the “Scan” button to scan the files have been deleted, you can tick all of them if you would like.

Step4. Preview the files and Choose the ones you want to get back and click “Recover”.

Step5. “Save” all your recovered files in West Digital hard drive and you have finished Western Digital data recovery.

Card Data Recovery-Recover SD Card Data on Windows

It is impossible to recover SD card data on Windows-That’s wrong

Some people think there is no possibility to recover deleted data from memory card on Windows OS, because, SD Card don’t have a recycle bin, even if SD card deletion doing on Windows computer, if we empty the recycle bin, we can’t get deleted data back. Is this idea right? What we deleted from SD card will be gone forever?

The fact is, they are wrong, it is possible to recover deleted data from SD card on Windows.

Why-The Principle of Card Data Recovery on Windows

When we do deletion or formatting on SD card or Windows system, the order of deletion or formatting don’t mean wiping data from SD card (equipped with other storage media). Technically speaking, when deletion or formatting happen, the file system just mark “deleted” or “formatted” flag to the files so as to make the data invisible and make room for new data, thus until new data save to the space where the original data saved in before, the deleted or formatted files are still in the memory space.

Based on this principle, we can know that if we keep using the SD card or save more files to it, the new files may overwrite the space where the precious deleted files located. Once overwritten, there is no hope to recover SD card data on Windows.

card data recovery on windows

How-Solution to Recover Data from SD card on Window

Here, the people who held the view that impossibility for data recovery on windows may believe that the solution for SD card data recovery on Windows is asking data recovery service for help, which will cost a lot of money. But thing is more simple than what they are thinking.

Firstly, you just prepare a computer running Windows system, the SD card which lost data and the device that SD card work on (a good card-reader is accepted)

Secondly, also the most important, an efficient and easy to use card data recovery for Windows

Card Data Recovery for Windows is an excellent utility to recover lost data from various memory cards. This tool can help you recover deleted data from SD card on Windows by its professional algorithm and easy operation. Besides, it can run on Window 2000/vista/Xp/7/8, its powerful support can satisfy you.

Step for SD Card Data Recovery on Windows

Only 3 steps, Card Data Recovery can get back what you lost from SD card.

Step 1: Connect SD card to your computer. You can connect the device that SD card work on to computer to make it be read, or you can use a card reader, this way is much safer and stable.

Step 2: Download and follow the instructions to install Card Data Recovery to your Windows PC.

Step 3: Follow the guides of the application( only few clicks), finish Card Data Recovery on Windows.

Guide:How to Fix Blue Screen Of Death Issue

When use computer with a period of time, someday, when you turn on the computer, and found windows won’t start ! Hardware and software of the destruction can lead to the happening of this kind of circumstance. Once this thing happen to you, no need to ask other for help, you can follow the below tips to solve your problem.

Method 1.Use Last Known Good Configuration
You can also try to boot the operating system with the LastKnown Good Configuration feature. This feature will allow you to undo anychanges that caused problems in the CurrentControlSet registry key, whichdefines hardware and driver settings. The Last Known Good Configuration featurereplaces the contents of the CurrentControlSet registry key with a backup copythat was last used to successfully start up the operating system.

To use the Last Known Good Configuration feature, first restart the computer by pressing [Ctrl][Alt][Delete]. When you see the message Please select the operating system to start or hear the single beep, press [F8] to display the Windows Advanced Options menu. Select the Last Known Good Configuration item from the menu and press [Enter].Keep in mind that you get only one shot with the Last KnownGood Configuration feature. In other words, if it fails to revive your WindowsXP on the first attempt, the backup copy is also corrupt.

Method 2. Fix a corrupt Boot.ini
As the Windows XP operating system begins to load, the Ntldrprogram refers to the Boot.ini file to determine where the operating systemfiles reside and which options to enable as the operating system continues toload. So if there’s a problem rooted in the Boot.ini file, it can render WindowsXP incapable of booting correctly.

If you suspect that Windows XP won’t boot because Boot.inihas been corrupted, you can use the special Recovery Console version of theBootcfg tool to fix it. Of course, you must first boot the system with theWindows XP CD and access the Recovery Console as described in #4.
To use the Bootcfg tool, from the Recovery Console commandprompt, type Bootcfg /parameter Where /parameteris one of these required parameters:

* /Add–Scans the disk for all Windowsinstallations and allows you to add any new ones to the Boot.ini file.
* /Scan–Scans the disk for all Windowsinstallations.
* /List–Lists each entry in the Boot.ini file.
* /Default–Sets the default operating system as themain boot entry.
* /Rebuild–Completely re-creates the Boot.inifile. The user must confirm each step.
* /Redirect–Allows the boot operation to beredirected to a specific port when using the Headless Administration feature.The Redirect parameter takes two parameters of its own, [Port Baudrate ] | [UseBiosSettings].
* /Disableredirect–Disables the redirection.

Method 3. Re-Install System Directly
Re-install system is the best solution that caused by software damaged. But your data will lose.But still have remedial method. You can backup data when windows won’t boot with Tenorshare Data Recovery Software. You can download this software from and follow the three steps below:

Step 1: . Run this Windows Data Recovery. In the main interface, you can see four recovery modes listed there. Take “Raw Recovery” for example. Select it and partition where the lost files formerly located. Then click “Scan” to begin recovery.
Step 2: This Windows Data Recovery tool automatically list all scanned result with file signature and sum up all files to four categories: photo, video, audio and others. In each type, you will unfold the folder to see specific files and preview photos and audio files.
Step 3: After indentifying which files to be recovered, tick the box before each file and click “Recover” to finish recovery. In the popping window, choose a safe path for the recovered files. You are suggested to save them to other external hard drive for safety consideration.

This method is suitable for the following several ways:
blue screen of death
BOOTMGR is missing
NTLDR is missing

Do not think that the above method is very complicated, hand to do it, you will find that this is a simple thing