Android Phone Micro-SD Card Data Recovery- Genius!

Pay Attention for Micro-SD Card in Android Phone

Android phone become one of the important device in our daily life. Generally, an Android phone equip a Micro-SD card as a storage media. Most data like photos, video and app will save in the Micro-SD card. Therefore, Micro-SD card will have an effective on Android phone’s running. It ever was reported that SanDisk memory card isn’t compatible with Samsung Galaxy phone, which can cause corruption to the phone. Obvieously, we can’t ignore Micro-SD Card in Android phone.

Android Micro-SD Card Problem Always Happen

However, due to some unknown reasons and long time data transfer, Micro SD card in Android phone is easy to error Then it make users go into the hot water of Android Micro-SD card data recovery. The following is the most common error happen to Android Micro-SD card:

1.It can’t be recognized by the phone.
2.Read and write error
3.Need to format with unknown reason
4.Read and write protection

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Useful Way to Fix Micro-SD Card Error and Recover lost Data from Android Micro SD-Card

For Micro-SD card error fix, you can try the following methord:

1.Wipe the mental chip of the memory card with an eraser.
2.Check if computer can read the card.
3.Fix the card bad sector with “chkdsk” order in Windows computer.
4.Check whether write protected error message is on or off.

If you want to recover lost data from Android Micro-SD card, you can try to use a memory card data recovery tool:

Tenorshare Data Recovery-if you lose data from Android miciro-SD card and the mostly data are gone then you probably need this software. Not only deleted photos, the software can also recover deleted formatted files or inaccessible due to memory card error in Android devices. the function of preview in the tool makes you to view the thumbnails before you retrieve. It supports almost all brands of android device, such as Samsung, Sony, HTC, Motorola etc. You can learn more from here:

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